In Inglese

by Mahatera Ledi Sayadaw

Anapana Dipani 200

Manual of Mindfulness of Breathing (Anapana Dipani), the Wheel pubblication No. 431/432 (vedi traduzione in Italiano)


by Nina van Gorkom –  Ed. triple Gem Press

  • The World in the Buddhist Sense – è in via di traduzione in italiano
  • Buddhism in Daily Life
  • The Buddha path
  • Abhidhamma in daily life

by Webu Sayadaw

Webu Sayadaw 1-70x52

Selected discourses


by Nyanaponica Thera & Hellmuth Hecker edited by Bhikku Bodhi

Great Disciples of the Buddha-ridotto

Great Disciples of the Buddha, their lives , their works, their legacy


By Stephen Batchelor

by Ken Wilber

– work in progress –